I am the one and only Polly Obscurum.

So something happened in Twitter and I am explaining it here: I am the one and only Polly Obscurum.

What is this? Why would this be happening to me?

To be honest, even though I have haters, I still don't see them as obsessive enough to steal my identity.

I'm also pretty sure that while there might be other Pollys in this world that are into darkness (Obscurum means darkness in Latin), I still never have thought that some other Polly would like to be Polly Obscurum.

Polly Obscurum is part of my identity. I came up with that name back in 2014 when I decided to side with the enemy of Yahweh (put down those Bibles and Holy Waters and the rest of the "exorcism" materials, Jesus lovers), and I started realizing that Yahweh's enemy isn't that bad after all, and that most of the bad stuff they say about Yahweh's enemy are nothing but Christian views that should be ignored by non-Christians, to be fair.

Ever since, it has been a big part of my identity. And while I'm not exactly Hollywood famous, I'm still somehow recognized in Finland. Especially in the political activism stuff. I'm recognized by both the Finnish patriot side and the Finnish radical left side. Both sides know me as Polly Obscurum. I am also recognized as Jon Hellevig's daughter. For some reason I'm only mentioned in the Russian Wikipedia article about my father instead of the others though.

Me having the name for a long time + being famous enough to have an official "artistic" name should be enough to claim that name as completely mine. And really, identity theft is something evil and I'll do anything to claim the username PollyObscurum back.


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