Political anti-kawaii is a violent form of fashion discrimination.

This really needs to stop.

For many years in a row now, some groups of people, mainly left wing extremists from what I've seen (TERFs?), have been bashing the kawaii culture and people who are into that culture in the name of politics. People that are into the kawaii culture are constantly called "pedophiles", "sexists", "misogynists", etc. only because they are into a culture that totally breaks the useless societal norms about adulthood.

I, as someone who really loves the kawaii culture, feel quite unsafe because of people that just keep bashing the kawaii culture in the name of politics. Especially in the West, since here in the West adults (especially females) are expected to be the "fatale" types of people. And when some adult is considered more "childlike" than others, the adult gets disrespected. People who disrespect "childlike" adults tend to either overprotect and patronize them, or they tell the "childlike" adults to become what the disrespecters consider as "more mature".


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